Welcome to CloudNine

Cloudnine is a Transgender and gender diverse peer support group committed to providing support and understanding to the
Transgender and gender variant including their partners, family and friends.


At Cloudnine you can connect to people with personal life experiences and a passion to help enhance the life of the Transgender and gender diverse. Partners, family and friends can find support and information as we have family members of gender diverse people here to offer support to loved ones dealing with gender issue.

On this site you will find links to resources that are “Gender diverse friendly” and regular news and legislation updates to keep you informed of Transgender and gender variant issues.

What do we offer that is apart from the rest?

The opportunity to reach out and talk, either face to face or phone, about your journey.

We offer our CCC to you, a confidential coffee & chat. Contact us via email to see when we are available, one on one if you prefer or in a small group so that you may talk with others who share your concerns and perhaps even make a new friendship with someone who can relate to your journey.


“Transgender” refers to all people who consider themselves to fall under the trans / transgender and gender variant umbrella. This umbrella includes, but is not limited to: Cross-dressing & transvestite people, trans women, trans men, transsexual men, transsexual women, people identifying as androgyne, polygender, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, dual gendered, & non-gender identifying, gender questioning people, gender variant & gender diverse people, transgender people & intersex people and anyone who feels that the gender assigned to them at birth incompletely describes or does not at all describe their own personal gender or non-gender identity.

Our Mission


To hopefully lower the unnecessary and unacceptable suicide rates among the gender


To provide education and awareness within the broader


To provide information and contact details for transgender / Crossdresser friendly


To provide individuals with support and information to allow them to accept


To provide support and understanding to the transgender community, including loved ones,