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We dedicate this site to Claire Manchesi MacLennan, Cloudnine’s founder who passed away suddenly in 2013.

Claire was a member of the long standing Perth Transgender and Crossdresser support group, the Chameleons for decades and following her personal journey she went on to become an ambassador for the Transgender community in Western Australia.

Claire had a vision and volunteered tirelessly to offer support to Cross dressers and Transgendered people and their families and friends throughout WA and endeavoured to educate the general public by generating awareness and opening her heart and her home to many who were facing gender challenges in their lives. Claire’s vision was Cloudnine, a peer support group offering genuine support and information to the gender diverse. This website and the birth of Cloudnine are dedicated to Claire and to those who are on their own journey to themselves. Suffering two sudden major strokes in 2013 her work was left unfinished, and her two dear friends Samantha and Ros and myself have endeavoured to follow her vision in bringing Cloudnine to those who are in need of support, from genuine people who understand and have also been on that journey.

Cloudnine is the name Claire chose because she believed that in finally aligning the heart, mind and body, one would reach cloud nine.

Here at Cloudnine, we continue Claire’s vision by opening our hearts to those in need of support and information regarding Transgender, Crossdresser and gender diverse issues.



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Born in 1971, I am the eldest daughter of Claire, only child to my parents. My parents divorced when I was 7 for reasons which weren’t clear until in my early teens when I secretly found out my father was a cross dresser. At such a young age, I didn’t fully understand but accepted although it was never further discussed. Our once close relationship was halted for 18 years due to his second marriage and I reluctantly lost contact with my father. Then with that marriage ending, I made contact with my father in 2010. A matter of weeks into our reunion I was faced with dad leaving again. This time for good. Claire divulged her truth to me. She was Transgendered. My father had lived for 66 years reluctantly as his male birth gender and had now decided to transition to female. It was these last 3 years spent with my parent Claire, that were her happiest. During this time Claire tirelessly volunteered to bring awareness to the general public through various TV, radio, newspaper and magazine interviews and was a support to many Transgender and Crossdressers from the Chameleon’s, Perths support club and beyond, and their family and friends.
In those three years I also contributed to The Chameleon Society, designing and publishing their monthly newsletter and joined Claire in generating awareness of the Transgender community through various media interviews.
My personal life experiences and the loss of my parent Claire has led me away from my 20 year profession of Graphic Designer and I am currently studying my Bachelor of Behavioural studies in Psychology and will be specialising in gender diversity and issues upon completion. I believe with my personal life experience and understanding I can offer the support and information of a child or loved ones perspective to transgendered people and family and friends. I have dealt with the effects of having a transgendered parent and know first hand the issues and emotions that are felt when faced with such a situation. You are not alone. There is a long road head but it can be a well informed and happy one. Just reach out.






Hello my name is Samantha; I am a Post Op transsexual and happy to offer any support I can. I have known my whole life that I was transsexual, well I knew that I felt like a girl but had all the boy bits so I never really knew where I fitted. Not having anyone to talk to about this or any form of understanding of what I was feeling (this was the seventies and eighties no internet then) I struggled to identify with myself. I spent a lot of my life unhappy as a result. I did all the masculine things to try and silence the voice in my head but all that did was make me more miserable.

Like most transgendered people I tried to fit into society’s expectations for me instead of listening to my head and heart and doing what was right for me. I did all the ‘guy things”, got married, raised 4 children and struggled every single day with the pain of denying my true self.

Children grew up and my beautiful wife passed away and I found myself asking “what now”.  I was lucky in that I had a good friendship with a very understanding and supportive girl Nerrelle, as well as endless support and guidance from Claire and Ros. All 3 are founders of this web site and with their support I realized that this was my time to be “free” I am now very happy (I had my SRS in December 2015) and enjoying life as myself.

I have encountered most of life’s challenges that you will face, I have dealt with the hurt that loved ones will feel when they realise that you are Transgendered or a Crossdresser.  I would be more than happy to share my experiences and offer support and encouragement to anyone reaching out for help. There is a lovely life ahead once you accept yourself and it does not necessarily mean that you will lose loved ones, family and friends.

Use this web site in order to gain additional information and contact us if you would like to talk about issues you are dealing with. Above all love yourself you are a beautiful person.